Firm Skin Hand & Fingers

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Firm Skin Hand & Fingers

Content: 40ml
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The Firm Skin Hand & Finger from Skin689 is a hand cream that improves the elasticity of the skin after just a short period of use.

The special thing about the Firm Skin Hand & Finger from Skin689 are the active ingredients, which not only maintain the skin's elasticity, but also promote a uniform complexion.

  • The Firm Skin Hand & Finger from Skin689 has a skin-improving effect, promotes elasticity and maintains the skin's appearance despite external influences such as stress, strain and the environment.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants a lifting treatment for stressed hands.

With the Firm Skin Hand & Finger from Skin689 you can ensure that your hands and fingers receive high-quality and rich care. The texture is quickly absorbed and no greasy film remains. This means that your hands and fingers will quickly feel really relaxed again after applying the cream, so that you will notice the improvements after a short time. In addition, a special combination of active ingredients ensures that the skin's elasticity is maintained. The elastic properties of the skin are sustainably improved to promote the cushioning skin structure and a uniform skin appearance. The hand cream therefore acts like a rejuvenation treatment for the hands and fingers, reduces wrinkles, balances pigmentation and also provides protection against environmental influences to prevent future damage.

You can use Skin689 Firm Skin Hand & Finger once a day.

It is best to apply the hand cream in the evening.
In the evening there is the greatest chance that the active ingredients will remain on the skin for a longer period of time and be able to be absorbed.
Results can be seen after just three to four weeks if you use the cream regularly.

Chacoll®, ornithine ionosomes, carnitine, hyaluronic acid combination, vitamin C derivatives