Swiss Phyto Cell

With the Swiss Phyto-Cell series from Med Beauty you can give your skin the radiance, beauty and uniqueness it desires. It combines natural ingredients with the highest effectiveness and luxury with environmental awareness. The product line supports the “Marine Protection Plastic Bank Worldwide” project. Med Beauty is committed to plastic-free oceans.
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    Product range: Swiss Phyto-Cell from Med Beauty

    Sensual Cleansing Milk: The gentle cleansing milk is suitable for daily use and ensures a fresh complexion. The result is a firmer, cleansed and cared for skin appearance.

    Moisturizing Alp-Tonic: With this tonic you get the perfect complement to cleansing. A refreshing and calming effect makes the product ideal for every day.

    Caring Night Cream: With this night cream you give your skin a nourishing, valuable pampering program while you sleep. Rich care supports cell health and strengthens your skin.

    Best Skin Serum: This well-aging serum is nutrient-rich, regenerating and revitalizing to heal stressed and tired skin from the inside out. It is a protective miracle drug that has a preventative effect on skin aging.

    Skin Optimizing Mask: With this facial mask your skin will regain its full and firm appearance. It gives tired and sagging skin a nutritional boost, which leads to more resistance.

    Smoothing Eye Cream: The gentle eye cream nourishes the sensitive facial area day and night to give a radiant look. Wrinkles are reduced and eye contours are tightened.

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