The Max from Image Skincare is a very special anti-aging care line. The products help strengthen the skin's natural defenses and work against cell damage with a combination of plant stem cells, grapes, apple and edelweiss. To prevent signs of aging, The Max from Image Skincare is based on a unique blend of active ingredients and stem cell technology, which intensively nourishes the skin.
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    The Secret of Image Skincare The Max

    Thanks to the smart Vectorize technology, the skin is intensively nourished with The Max complex for up to 48 hours. This gives your skin a long-lasting and intensive care effect. In addition, Image Skincare The Max uses the effective three-phase system CPN, which is aimed at correction, prevention and nutrient supply. The Max Stem Cell Serum is a fantastic example of this. As a building product, which releases a very intensive nutrient substance in the layers of the skin and thus particularly invigorates the skin, it ensures more fullness. In addition, the skin's immune system is strengthened with The Max care products.

    Top products from The Max by Image Skincare with stem cell technology

    The Max Facial Cleanser: This product is suitable for gentle, daily cleansing - without drying out the skin or endangering its natural balance.

    The Max Crème: A good choice for evening use to reduce the depth of wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

    The Max Eye Crème: The eye care is suitable for day and night, protects skin cells and prevents free radicals. Signs of aging are reduced and the eye area gets a rejuvenation treatment.

    The Max masque: Renew, revitalize and refresh your skin for a youthful appearance with this facial mask. Special active ingredients contribute to the recovery of the facial muscles.

    The Max Neck Lift: This lifting cream for the neck and décolleté is specifically aimed at sagging areas of skin, deep wrinkles and fine signs of aging. The first results are visible after just three weeks.

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