the MAX serum

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the MAX serum

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Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Serum is a nourishing anti-aging serum that provides immediate rejuvenation of the skin based on stem cell technology and supplies the skin with nutrients for 48 hours.

The special feature of the Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Serum is the plant stem cell technology, which ideally builds up the skin. By combining it with organic peptides, the product also reduces facial wrinkles.

  • Over a period of 48 hours, the skin is supplied with moisture and stem cells, so that the skin growth factor is stimulated and an immediate smoothing effect of wrinkles is created.
  • The Image Skincare Stem Cell Serum is suitable for sensitive skin as well as for any skin type with the first signs of aging. In addition, any woman who needs a preventative product to avoid age-related signs can use it.
  • The Max Stem Cell Serum can be combined very well with the Stem Cell Eye Cream from the The Max series by Image Skincare.

The Image Skincare Stem Cell Serum impresses with an immediate and long-term effect. An immediate result can be seen immediately after application, as the skin immediately appears smoother and refreshed. The lasting effect is caused by apple stem cell technology, as the skin growth factor is stimulated and a lasting anti-aging effect is created. On the one hand, the depth of the wrinkles is measurably reduced and on the other hand, the argiriline and the bio-peptides eliminate facial wrinkles immediately after application. This is due to the influence on neurotransmitters. These messenger substances slow down the nerve cells so that the upper layers of the skin no longer contract and the facial wrinkles can no longer show up. Another aspect is the regulation of moisture storage in the skin and a reduced appearance of unevenness such as pigment spots. In addition, sun damage is cleaned up and swelling in the eye area is reduced by the tiger grass extract. The Image Skincare Stem Cell also has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the red echinacea. Active ingredients such as green and black tea have an antioxidant effect and help protect the skin from environmental damage.

The Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Serum is applied morning and evening.

Apply a few drops of the product to dry skin.
Distribute the amount evenly over your skin and press the serum in lightly.
Please note that the Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Serum is applied in sufficient quantities, especially between the eyebrows, around the eyes and above the upper lip, so that the smoothing of facial wrinkles is particularly visible here.
Allow the serum to work for a while before applying a cream over it.

Our Veralice skin experts recommend using the Image Skincare Stem Cell Serum in the décolleté for fine wrinkles. Please apply generously.

Plant apple stem cells, Nutri-Peptides, Argiriline, Bio-Peptide-CL, tiger grass extract, red echinacea extract, black tea, green tea