DetO2X Cream

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DetO2X Cream

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Don't let external influences determine your skin's appearance or affect cell renewal, but rather give your skin innovative, highly technical and gentle care with Valmont Deto2x Cream that will conjure up new freshness on your complexion.

The Valmont Deto2x Cream is a concentrate of active ingredients from nature and highly technical findings. The O² complex and nasturtium extract supply your cells with oxygen and promote skin respiration. The texture has a so-called “air mattress” effect that makes your skin appear plumper, brighter and smoother. The revolutionary cream renews itself daily on the surface of the skin for a continuous supply of oxygen.

The interaction of natural ingredients and technical knowledge is a must-have for a smooth, plump complexion.

1. Apply the foam of the Valmont Deto2x Cream thinly to your cleansed skin in the morning. Best after you have previously used a cleansing serum.
2. Spread the texture on 4 different areas of the face and massage in with gentle movements.
3. For better distribution you can use a brush.

For an optimal end result, you should not warm the Valmont Deto2x Cream in your hands, but rather apply it to your face in a cooled state.

Oxygenating O² complex, nasturtium extract, Swiss apple stem cells